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‘We often hear of the ‘everlasting gum tree’,
but its merits have rarely been acknowledged.
Few trees are, in truth, so graceful in form
and of such variety…'

A.J. Daplyn
Landscape Painting from Nature in Australia
A manual for the student in oil and
watercolours 1902


Natural Beekeping Australia - Ethical  Sustainable Apiculture

We appreciate the time and effort people take to write to us about our work with
bees so have included some of their words below.

We are grateful for their ongoing support.


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  Malfroy's Gold Products - Honey, Honeycomb & Beeswax
  Honey - Susan - Switzerland - 16 August 2015
Hello Tim,

I'm Susan from Switzerland.

i wanna buy your honey. how can i do that? does it work sending honey to Switzerland?

You have the best honey on earth.

  Soft Set Honey - Roy - Indonesia - 16th August 2015
Good day Tim,

We went to Sydney two weeks ago and during our trip, we purchased Malfroy's Gold Soft Set Honey.

After we got back to Indonesia, we regretted.

We regret that we didn't purchase more of them!

. \
  Honey - Cheryl - Sydney - 28th July 2015
Just a small note. I have never liked honey ever in my entire life.

I visited Scenic World in the Blue Mountains in December 2014 and tasted the Malfroy's honey and soft set honey there at a promotional counter
and my sister in law who was visiting from Canada and myself got hooked on to it.

We bought a couple of bottles each and my kids love it too. It is the best honey ever. Kind Regards,

. \
  Honeycomb - Jimmy - Taiwan - 2nd July 2015
Hello Tim,

This is Jimmy from Taiwan. I was travel in Australia (Katoomba) this February.

I bought containers of Wild Honeycomb. It was amazing and never forget the taste.
After the trip, I saw lots of honeycomb (different brand) in Sydney downtown and airport.
I didn't buy that time.

But when I finished your honeycomb. I ask my friend to get the honeycomb from airport and sent to me.
I tried two brands, none of them taste good like yours.

  Honey - Laura - Melbourne - 14th August 2014
Hi Tim

I tasted Malfroy's honey on a recent visit to Sydney - it was incredible.

Are there any stockists in Melbourne?

Kind regards

  Honey - Bill - Blue Mountains - 7th August 2014
Dear Tim

Thank you for your wonderful honey.
It is truly the best honey I have ever tasted.

I was a Marmalade man before I tasted Malfroys!

Kind regards,

  Honey - Ahmad - Sydney - 5th August 2014
Hi Tim,

This is the second time ordering your honey and just like the first time I am thoroughly enjoying it.
It's almost impossible to find honey nowadays similar to how you make yours.

Continue doing what your doing and hopefully others follow for the sake of everyone and everything on this planet.


  Honey - Julyett - Sydney - 26th March 2014
Hi Tim,

Thank you so much for your reply, I'm running really low on your wonderful honey so I was starting to panic hehe
Ever since I started getting your honey it's been part of my daily routine and I have to say I haven't been sick ever since! :)

Thanks for the effort and care you put in your delicious and nutritious honey!

Best regards,

  Honeycomb - Kaye - August 2013
Hi Tim

I was so excited to receive and try the Yellowbox honeycomb...thanks so much.

I haven't tasted honeycomb or honey as nice as yours since my father used to bring some home from the Brisbane Exhibition
when I was a child (I'm now 71).

Thanks again - I'm over the moon with my order :-)))

All the best.


  Honey - Ahmad - Sydney - 24th March 2014
Hi Tim,

The Honey arrived late last week. It's fantastic. Enjoying honey the way it should be.
I'm also really happy that you bottle them in glass as well.
I hope to be ordering many more from you in the future.

Thank you.


  Honeycomb - Otto - Germany - 24 August 2012
Thank you, it’s very delicious, my daughter is over the moon...we are delighted by the beauty of it.

I must look at your website to see what you do or what your bees do to produce such a magic honey.

I have tried many honeys over the world including very aromatic strong ones from Germany, but your honey is among the top 3
and is delicious.. .has an amazing subtle flavour.

kind regards

  Honey - Lori - USA - 6 August 2012
Hi!  I had the good fortune to taste your products while visiting Australia last month.
Unfortunately I ate it all and I am going through withdrawal.  

Do you ship to the United States or do you know of someone in the States that come close to the quality of you product? Sincerely & Very Hungry

  Honey - Therese & Paul - Sydney - 22 July 2012
Hi Tim

We saw you today at the sustainable expo with Kylie Kwong and were very impressed.
Keep up the good work and thank you for going the extra mile to bring us city folk the goodness as it should be.

Love Therese & Paul

  Honey - Clemence - 20 May 2012
Dear Tim,

I am totally hooked to your honey after purchasing some from the Carrington Cellars in Katoomba.

Kind regards and thank you for producing such wonderful product

  Honeycomb - Richard - 5 April 2012
Hello Tim

You gold arrived safely just as you promised.  The Honeycomb is remarkably delicious.  

All the best,

  Honey - Slaja - 13 March 2012
Thank you so much!!!!

I will enjoy the honey, it truly is the best honey I've had in my life!
Makes me want to quit my job & become a bee keeper!


  Honey - Stephen - 8 March 2012
Hi Tim
I discovered your Yellowbox honey earlier this year at Scenic World. 
It is easily the best honey I have ever eaten. 
We have however, eaten it all and we need to buy some more.  


  Honeycomb - Scott - 6 February 2012

Hi Tim

Just letting you know I received the honeycomb on Friday afternoon and spent the weekend feeding it to my family and myself.
We all loved it. It is obvious to me now that this is the way that honey should be consumed.
Thanks again for all your help and I look forward to the Beekeeping course in a couple of weeks.

  Soft Set Honey - Kirsten - 30 September 2011
Dear Tim,

My mum gave me a jar of soft set honey for a present and my husband and I love it.  
Thank you for such a beautiful product.


  Honey - Vanessa - 27 September 2011
Your honey is extra delicious – we had it on fresh baked bread on Saturday and again on Sunday (with a loaf of fresh baked brioche)
We even did a blind comparison to honey that we normally buy from our farmers markets – yours was a clear winner.
I also had a look at your website – awesome. You and your family should be very proud.


  Honey - Daniel - UK - 16 September 2011
Hi Tim,
I recently visited Australia and tried some of your Malfroy’s honey and loved it, I am back in the UK now and have run out!
Do you know of anywhere I can have some shipped over to the UK?


  Honey - Eric - 5 September 2011
I was in NSW this past winter and had a chance to buy some of your honey.
Needless to say, I was blown by the awesomeness of your honey.


  Soft Set Honey - Kate - Sydney - 16 March 2011
This is just to send congratulations and thanks for the most perfect creamed
honey I have ever eaten. I was given a jar which was purchased
at markets in Sydney last weekend. It is wonderful.
My best wishes to all at your family enterprise.

Kate, Sydney

  Honey Soap - Carly - Sydney - 1 March 2011
I love that this soap is made from natural ingredients which is
important to me because it is helped clear up my eczema while gently
nourishing my skin and it's also gentle enough for my face.

Simply a delightful product!


  Honey - Mehmet Gurs - Istanbul, Turkey - 26 October 2010
Hi Tim,

We never met but I got a taste of you fantastic honeys!!
Barbara gave me some to sample and of course I took them with me to Istanbul.
They were all great!...

All the best,
Mehmet Gurs
Istanbul Food & Beverage Group

  Honey, Candles & Soap - Claudia and James - Katoomba - 1 August 2010
Hello Tim,

My husband and I bought 2 candles and some soap at the Blackheath growers market last Sunday-they are beautiful and were a very well
received gift by a connoisseur of  candles and soaps.

But the reason I write, is for the jar of stringy bark honey you threw in- which was, for lack of better words- absolutely fabulous-
and that is by no means an adequate appraisal.

We have never had honey so delicious...nor so medicinal.  It's superior flavor and floral notes linger and pleasantly develop on the palate. Complimenting any dish but moreso - delicious by the teaspoon.

I look forward to buying an ample supply from you at the next market and all subsequent markets as everyone I know will be receiving a
jar for Christmas and all subsequent occasions.

Once again, thank you so much for introducing us to your marvelous products. I consider it a pleasure to recommend your products to
other select foodies about town.

Sending you the very best until the next market.

Claudia and James

  Honey - Hermione - Sydney - 2 June 2010
Dear Malfroy's Gold!

My son loves your honey. We bought a pot in Robertson some months ago and we
would love to buy some more. We have only tried the silky oak one, but are
keen to try some of the others.

Kind regards,

  Honey - Howard - Chifley, Sydney - 31 May 2010

After driving back from Lithgow recently I obtained a 400gm jar of Premium Silky Oak at Bilpin and loved it.

I live in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney but would travel anywhere in Sydney to buy some more Silky Oak honey.


  Honey - Joan - 20 May 2010
I recently had some house sitters staying and they took such a delight in your honey they cleared my stock.

Now they are asking where I got it so they can get some and I would like some more too.

Many thanks,

  Honey - Kyle - NY USA - 1 May 2010
Dear Tim,

You have the best looking honey jars - the jar and the label together are just outstanding.
You have a beautiful web page too!

All the best,

New York, USA

  Honey - Jamie - Coff's Harbour 25 March 2010
I found a jar of Malfroy’s Gold Honey at a little convenience store.
This honey is without a doubt one of the best if not the best I have ever tasted!

Now I have even robbed the bees and enjoyed freshly gathered honey right out of the spinning can.
Your honey is just like this, fresh, sweet and untainted.

I now have a favourite honey I can always get and even give away as a gift.

Thanks for a great honey.

  Honey - Naomi - 23 March 2010
Your honey is truly the best in the world.

Kind regards,

  Honey - Jackie - 3 March 2010

We recently finished our first jar of your honey which was quite splendid and definitely the best honey we have ever had!
Thanks and congratulations on producing something so delicious.


  Soft Set Honey - Narina - January 17 2010
Malfroy’s Gold Soft Set Honey is one of my favourites.... it is creamy honey at its peak, perfect on a slice of toasted, buttered-up sourdough.

Narina, Melbourne

  Honeycomb - Jochen - Germany - 12 December 2009
Dear Malfroys!

I bought one of your honeycombs in a round container at the Scenic World Complex in the Blue Mountains,
drove it for about 9,000 km through Australia and took it back on a plane with me to Germany.

I have to tell you that I am a honey lover and I've had honey from the most different places in the world.
But yours is the best I've ever had. It was the first time ever I had honey in a comb  - amazing taste.

Kind regards,
Jochen, Germany

  Honey - Taby & Jamal - 3 November 2009
Hi Tim

My husband and I are huge fans of your delicious honey and we just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much we enjoy it.

We couldn’t get hold of it recently and so bought something else – didn’t even come close – so we have tracked your honey down
again and are merrily spreading and pouring it on anything and everything!

Thank you for bringing so much deliciousness into our lives!

Taby & Jamal

  Honey - Ilja - 24 October 2009
I purchased some of your honey at a food event at Centennial Park some time ago and loved it.

I would love to share the honey with my family and friends and was thinking about giving a
150g jar to each of our wedding guests - like bonbonerie, only it would be far more special than any
sugar coated almonds.


  Honey - Andrew - 5 September 2009
Hi Tim,

Late last year you were kind enough to supply me 8 x Tubs 1kg of Red Stringybark Honey.
It's all finished and I miss your great honey!

Kind regards,

  Honey - Phillip - 2 June 2009
Awesome cosy site, you guys look real happy, and wicked honey, thanks so much!

Peace love.

  Honey - Mohammad - Dubai - 30 May 2009
Dear Sir,

I had a visit to the Blue Mountains and I found your honey and tried it.
It was the best I have ever had.



  Honey - Robin - 15 May 2009
To whom it may concern,

I have been consuming honey for approximately 45 years and have become quite selective with my honey.
I came upon your honey about a week ago and admit it has to be one of the loveliest honeys I've tasted.

I want to thank you and the bees,


  Honey - Gino - NYC USA - 17 December 2008

I just came back from Sydney, I bought two jars of your amazing honey.
Can I buy more from you or can you recommend me to any other retailer?

I live in NYC USA.

. \
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  Natural Beekeeping Courses and Beehives
  Natural Beekeeping Course - Milkwood Anonymous Student Survey Comment - 14 December 2015
Tim is a great teacher! I could tell he had set the course up to include everything he felt to be very important to think about when starting to keep bees- I had read two books before the course and also had been exposed to bee keeping on our property.

I had been considering top bar hives like the Kenyan top bar hive and appreciated Tim discussing the various hives. He presented his information in a subjective way although his inclusion of information from his own experience was wonderful. He took questions, remained on topic and then moved back to the information he wanted to cover in a wonderful manner.

His life experience is very valuable and I appreciated the journey he is on - building on the knowledge that he has learned from his father, searching for more information, incorporating methods that he has researched and believes in.

I loved seeing the way that he works with bees. He was calm, focused and prepared- Great role model!!!! and a very important part of the learning of the class (not just seeing in the hive but seeing Tim's way of working with bees!!)

I have left the course feeling confident in my abilities to maintain a bee hive, confident in the Warre hive as a great option for our farm (for bee health and for time management), confident that I will have the time necessary to monitor our bees.

Reading before the course was a huge help as I felt then that Tim was building on what I had read- I really enjoy learning about bees as a super organism and understanding them as a society! Thank you for your support and for facilitating Tim

. \
  Natural Beekeeping Course - Milkwood Anonymous Student Survey Comment - 11 December 2015
I loved all of it, Tim was a fantastic educator/communicator and the grounds were lovely

. \
  Natural Beekeeping Course - Milkwood Anonymous Student Survey Comment - 11 December 2015
Tim was wonderful. He would have presented this course many times, but it was clear the further we got into it, the more excited he became about sharing the information with a new group of novices. Thanks so much for the experience.

. \
  Natural Beekeeping Course - Milkwood Anonymous Student Survey Comment - 7 December 2015
Tim provided the best introduction to natural beekeeping I think humanly possible.
We hung on his every word! Really loved hearing from his wealth of knowledge, passion and experience.

The presentations were clear and fascinating and the atmosphere was very encouraging.
I feel so grateful and excited at the same time - can't wait to get stuck into it!

. \
  Natural Beekeeping Course - Milkwood Anonymous Student Survey Comment - 7 December 2015
I would recommend this course, Tim is very clearly an expert in this field.

. \
  Natural Beekeeping Course - Milkwood Anonymous Student Survey Comment - 7 December 2015
Thank you for the timely arrival of the post course notes. They appear to be incredibly comprehensive.

I feel the course has given me everything I need to commence keeping bees naturally!
Not only do I have access to the required written information, but was able to meet and network with like minded people. Thanks again.

. \
  Natural Beekeeping Course - Milkwood Anonymous Student Survey Comment - 6 December 2015
Thank you so much Tim for two absolutely fantastic days of; learning, knowing, experiencing, meeting other like minded people.
My head and heart are full of new found knowledge which I am now excited to put into practice.

Grateful that there are people like you out there to teach 'how it should be done'.
I don't wish for the way the course is run or the way you run it to change, I think it was just right the way it was.

. \
  Natural Beekeeping Course - Milkwood Anonymous Student Survey Comment - 16 March 2015
I was very impressed from the whole weekend and left feeling enthusiastic and confident about starting my natural beekeeping journey

. \
  Natural Beekeeping Course - Milkwood Anonymous Student Survey Comment - 10 March 2015
Extremely interesting, engaging, fun, informative course that left me inspired to pursue natural beekeeping.

. \
  Natural Beekeeping Course - Milkwood Anonymous Student Survey Comment - 9 March 2015
This weekend was so fantastic to participate in and be a part of this learning opportunity where Tim shared his extensive knowledge and
passion about Natural beekeeping.

It was great to be a part of a learning experience with a group of people all interested in learning about bees.
The observation session with Tim at the hive was amazing.

. \
  Natural Beekeeping Course - Milkwood Anonymous Student Survey Comment - 9 March 2015
It was a very generous, valuable weekend that has inspired, educated and challenged me.

. \
  Natural Beekeeping Course - Milkwood Anonymous Student Survey Comment - 9 March 2015
Course was amazing. Life changing. Presented very well, safely and with consideration to everyone. Much thanks.

. \
  Natural Beekeeping Course - Milkwood Anonymous Student Survey Comment - 9 March 2015
I thought it was a truly excellent course. exceeded my expectations in terms of relevance and practicality for the beginner small natural beekeeper.
All info was very enabling to begin... It was inspiring and I wouldn’t change a thing...

. \
  Natural Beekeeping Course - Milkwood Anonymous Student Survey Comment - 25 February 2015
It is evident Tim is extremely knowledgeable with a wisdom of many years of experience in working with bees using Langstroth as well as warre hives.

This presented a balanced approach recognizing beekeeping is a long tradition that needs a fresh approach to retain the resilience on ongoing viability
of the apiary industry.

. \
  Natural Beekeeping Course - Milkwood Anonymous Student Survey Comment - 9 March 2015
Can't sing Tim's praises too much. Brilliant, brilliant course. My friend came over from Perth especially to do Tim's class.

I came only mainly to keep her company but by about morning tea first day I was totally committed to getting my own natural beekeeping
Warre hive up and running. Brilliant.

. \
  Natural Beekeeping Course - Yvonne - Sydney - 9 September 2014
Just wanted to say thanks Tim for the great Q&A in Sydney last Saturday, very informative, great atmosphere, beautiful honey... a wonderful way to refresh the knowledge.

You are a great inspirational teacher. So once again thank you.

. \
  Natural Beekeeping Course - Eloise - Sydney - 5 June 2014
Dear Tim,

My name is Eloise, we met at your natural beekeeping course in Sydney just recently in April.

I had the most amazing weekend, leaving deeply inspired , uplifted and in love with bees & their sacred hives!
So... I'd like to order a hive for spring! I can't wait to catch a swarm and begin.

Thank you so much for sharing your skills, experience & wisdoms.


. \
  Natural Beekeeping Course - Milkwood Anonymous Student Survey Comment - 8 April 2014
Tim has so much knowledge & respect for the bees that we all were so excited to start our own Warre Hives.

So glad I did this course rather than the course run through Amateur beekeepers Association!!!

. \
  Natural Beekeeping Course - Milkwood Anonymous Student Survey Comment - 8 April 2014
Tim's knowledge & passion for the bees was infectious, I can't wait to start my own Warre hive!

So glad I did Tim's course and not the other amateur bee keepers course I was thinking of doing.

. \
  Natural Beekeeping Course - Milkwood Anonymous Student Survey Comment - 14 November 2014
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this course to anyone interested in Bee Keeping

. \
  Natural Beekeeping Course - Milkwood Anonymous Student Survey Comment - 5 November 2014
Bee-keeping 101. No way!!! You'll graduate feeling ready to catch your first swarm.

Very educational, enlightening and you are guided every step of the way to building your first Warre Hive.

Thankyou Tim & Milkwood!!!!!

. \
  Natural Beekeeping Course - Milkwood Anonymous Student Survey Comment - 5 November 2014
I went to the course reluctantly to accompany my partner & it has turned out to be a significant event in my life's journey.

Thank you very much.

. \
  Natural Beekeeping Course - Milkwood Anonymous Student Survey Comment - 5 November 2014
What a brilliant course. Tim you are an inspiration in so many ways!!

Thanks so much for a wonderful and informing weekend. I feel much richer as a result.

. \
  Natural Beekeeping Course - Milkwood Anonymous Student Survey Comment - 5 November 2014
Could not have been happier with the course . Tim is a great teacher and his knowledge and passion for Bees shows in how he teaches.

He is also a nice and good person. Well done Tim and well done Milkwood for putting on such a good course.

. \
  Natural Beekeeping Course - Milkwood Anonymous Student Survey Comment - 5 November 2014
It was a wonderful class, there was so much information to take in and Tim's approach to natural beekeeping was very inspiring.

I know I'll definitely be recommending the course to my partner and family

. \
  Natural Beekeeping Course - Milkwood Anonymous Student Survey Comment - 5 November 2014
Tim was great - it was a great learning environment conducive to information gathering and skill development. I highly recommend it!

. \
  Natural Beekeeping Course - Peter - Sydney - 19 September 2013
Education and knowledge are nectar and you are a mighty fine and inspiring teacher!

. \
  Natural Beekeeping Course - Gabe- Sydney - 18 September 2013
Hey Tim, first of all I just wanted to thank you for a eye opening course. It’s great to experience something totally new.

When you held up the box at Belinda’s house to show us the colony it just blew my mind, something happened to me, it was totally a moving experience, when I think of it now it is very emotional, just seeing nature like that surviving.

Thanks for the amazing course you have blown my mind.

. \
  Natural Beekeeping Course - Milkwood Anonymous Student Survey Comment - 18 September 2013
Tim was a very good presenter and it is a joy to listen to and learn from someone who is so passionate about their subject as he is.

I understand so much about bees now and look forward to having a Warre hive.

. \
  Natural Beekeeping Course - Milkwood Anonymous Student Survey Comment - 18 September 2013
It was a most enjoyable experience because Tim is a cool guy.

He knows his stuff and he presents it with modesty, intelligence and all the sorts of compassion you expect from a beekeeper.

. \
  Natural Beekeeping Course - Dale - Sydney - 17 November 2013
Dear Tim, Thank you for delivering such a great overview of natural bee keeping.

Your encyclopedic knowledge of all things to do with bees is very impressive and I appreciated your very effective conveying of course content.


. \
  Natural Beekeeping Course - Mark - Sydney - 15 September 2013
The course was fantastic and very inspiring. My son and I enjoyed it very much.


. \
  Natural Beekeeping Course - Cassiel - Sydney - 24 April 2013
First of all, I wanted to thank you so much for the course -- I found it a fascinating and invaluable learning experience!
You packed so much information into those two days, but taught it in a comfortable, easy-to-understand fashion.

Your passion for bees and beekeeping really comes across and injects an extra level of interest to what you're teaching.
I'm really glad I was able to attend!


. \
  Natural Beekeeping Course - Bianca - Sydney - 21 April 2013
Dear Tim
Thank you so much for all your enthusiasm, wisdom, experience, knowledge and guidance this weekend. I have learnt so much and it was so much more than I expected. Thank you for making natural beekeeping appear so accessible and possible.

. \
  Natural Beekeeping Course - Warren - Sydney - 25 March 2013
Many thanks for the course. Your knowledge, passion and values are genuinely an inspiration


. \
  Natural Beekeeping Course - Nicole - Sydney - 23 March 2013
Hi Tim, 

I wanted to thank you for the informative weekend of natural beekeeping.
I went in with very little knowledge/research and came away inspired and enthused.

Your passion for what you do is obvious and infectious, and I believe you should be very proud of what you do.


. \
  Honey, Honeycomb, Natural Beekeeping Course - Mike McEnearney - Sydney - 22 February 2011
Tim Malfroy’s passion and knowledge of all things bees, is a benchmark for Australian and international sustainable beekeeping.

I met Tim at the Urban Beekeeping Course at Milkwood. His lecture was full of incredible stories and interesting facts, which have totally
allured me into sustainable beekeeping and it’s benefits. I remember when Tim cut the comb from his Warre frame for us to try,
being bowled over by its complex flavour, aroma and texture. It was a knock out!

Being a chef for over 20 years both in Australia and Europe, I can definitely vouch that Malfroy’s Gold is some of the finest honey in the world.
The honeycomb regularly features on my menus. A favourite is a chunk of Malfroy’s Gold honeycomb just cut from the frame with
Roquefort cheese. A match made in heaven.

Mike McEnearney
Kitchen by Mike

. \
  Natural Beekeeping - Heather - Sydney, 16 February 2011
Over the last few years it has been impossible not to become aware of the fact that our beautiful world depends on bees,
tiny creatures whose lives are so brief. They are responsible for our food and our future food security.
Without them, we are lost...

So when I saw an opportunity to learn more about bees, I signed up. At that moment, I had no idea that my world might turn on its axis.

Across two days - in fact, just a weekend in Alexandria in Sydney’s inner west, about twenty of us developed a passion for honey and bees, transferred like an infection from Tim Malfroy, our beekeeper teacher...

Tim’s love of bees, and for their well-being, has no boundaries.

He transmitted to all his students this love... Some of us now have our own beehives and spend time in researching bee nature and behaviour.


. \
  Natural Beekeeping - Warren - Canberra, 5 November 2012
Hi Tim,

Thanks very much once again for a terrific course conducted by yourself and the Team at Milkwood.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and gained so much information from your sessions.
Your presentations reinforced the message to me that Natural Beekeeping has so much more to offer than the system I am following now.


. \
  Natural Beekeeping - Lucinda - Sydney, 24 October 2012
Hi Tim,
Thank you very much for the class on the weekend – you are so very knowledgeable and your imparting of that knowledge was great.
I have learnt so much and I am more than keen to now start my own hive in our backyard.
Again, many thanks for a very informative and interesting class on the weekend.
Kind Regards,  

. \
  Natural Beekeeping - Dee - Sydney, 23 October 2012
Hello Tim,

My name is Dee, I was a participant in your recent natural beekeeping course at Alexandria.
First of all I'd like to say thanks for a truly inspiring weekend – such simplicity of design and care for bees and all round general awesomeness.


. \
  Natural Beekeeping - Charles - Sydney, 22 October 2012
Hi Tim
Thank you very much for a magnificent course over the last weekend.
There is little more I can say about it apart from the fact that I truly enjoyed it and was a little surprised that it was so good –
I expected it to be good but it did exceed those expectations.


. \
  Natural Beekeeping - Camilla - 22 October 2012
Many, many thanks for the weekend – it was very inspiring and thought provoking on the way we more broadly produce our food in Australia.
I think what you are doing is a very practical and grassroots way to make a significant positive impact on Australia’s environment. 
Talk soon,  

. \
  Natural Beekeeping - Emily - 22 October 2012
Hi Tim

Thanks so much for putting on the beekeeping course over the weekend, I had a great time.

It completely opened my eyes to the world of bees and I cant wait to get started.

Kind Regards

. \
  Natural Beekeeping - Michelle - Sydney - 22 October 2012
Hi Tim,

Thanks again for hosting such an informative course – it was absolutely fascinating and it seems to have opened up a whole new level of interest in bees and beekeeping.

I’m looking forward to putting my new skills into action.

Kind regards,

. \
  Natural Beekeeping - Katrina - Sydney - 17 September 2012
Hi Tim

Thanks so much for the course over the weekend. I loved it and have been looking out for swarms ever since!


. \
  Natural Beekeeping - Tracy - Sydney - 17 September 2012
Hi Tim

My brain is still recovering from the overload that it received over the weekend - had trouble getting to sleep last night with so many
thoughts buzzing inside my head.  I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it was great to see Belinda's place too, a real treat.


. \
  Natural Beekeeping - Hannah - Sydney - 16 September 2012
Heya Tim,

Thanks very much for the couple of days teaching! I feel very relaxed and inspired. It's been great to see the holistic passion you have for
bees & your vocation.  

Thanks again,

. \
  Natural Beekeeping - Hannah - Gerry - 16 September 2012

Just a quick thank you for the beekeeping course you ran this weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for the energy, wisdom, generosity
and the humour. Once again thanks for a great weekend.


. \
  Natural Beekeeping - Sydney - Caroline - 16 September 2012
Hi Tim

Thanks again for the fantastic course, very inspiring.


. \
  Natural Beekeeping - Sydney - Maryanne - 18 September 2012
Hi Tim

I did your course on the weekend and loved it so much! Thanks again for a brilliant weekend...I love the bees


. \
  Natural Beekeeping - Sydney - Stephen - 19 September 2012
Hi Tim,

It is Stephen here from the course last weekend. Thanks for such a great course it was amazing.

. \
  Natural Beekeeping - Sydney - Tania - 20 September 2012
Hi Tim,

I attended your course in Alexandria last weekend and wanted to say thank you so much for such a fantastic, inspiring time.
I now find myself looking up at the trees everywhere I go. In saying that, I would really like to go on the list for your hard
wood hives for next year. We're currently planting our bee-friendly garden in anticipation.

Warm regards

. \
  Natural Beekeeping - Sydney - Amanda - 23 September 2012
Hi Tim

Thank you for an amazing course last weekend - it was fantastic!  I spent most of this week watching the bees instead of working the
garden…Again, thanks for a fascinating weekend.


. \
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