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Malfroy's Gold Warre Towers Wild Honey Flow
'The life of bees is like a magic spring.
The more one lets it run,
the more abundantly it flows...'

Karl Von Frisch
The Dancing Bees 1927
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Natural Beekeping Australia - Ethical  Sustainable Apiculture

Malfroy's Gold is an Australian beekeeping company specialising in producing
pure varieties of Wild honey and honeycomb harvested from bee-friendly
Warré hives in the Blue Mountains wilderness and woodland forests of
the Central Tablelands, NSW, Australia.

Our beekeeping practices surpass the national organic and international Demeter biodynamic guidelines for apiculture. We call our honey ‘Wild’ for this reason,
as it is produced in an entirely natural way; by wild bees in a wild environment.

The Warré hives we use are made from local salvaged timber and are designed
to mimic a tree hollow, the perfect home for a honeybee colony.

The central ethos of Natural Beekeeping is that it provides for the needs of the bee
above that of the beekeeper. Although this decision has been made for ethical reasons,
we believe that the health and well-being of our bees greatly improves the quality
and purity of the honey.

As part of our aim to promote Natural Beekeeping and raise awareness about the uniqueness of Wild honey, we offer courses in Natural Beekeeping and supply
handmade Warré beehives to students.

We attempt at all times to operate a sustainable business, developed out of love
and respect for the Natural world and for the ‘daughters of light’.

Thankyou for visiting, Tim & Emma Malfroy
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