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‘I sing of honey,
the heavenly ethereal gift'

Georgics 29 B.C.
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Malfroy’s Gold award-winning, organically produced honey has a superior flavour, texture and aroma to other commercially available honeys as we do not overheat, blend or micro-filter the honey in the extracting or bottling process.
Our honey range is produced from our family's Langstroth hives in the Central Tablelands. The hives are also migrated to surrounding areas of the Central West and Blue Mountains to capture the ‘honeyflows’ that occur seasonally in the forests and woodlands. These three regions are well known for producing some of Australia's
finest honey varieties. We aim to supply these rare, high quality varieties for your enjoyment,
with as little intervention as possible.
All our honeys are:
* Award-winning
* Seasonal and rare (some varieties are only produced once every 5 to 10 years)
* Extracted and bottled at ambient temperature (often classed as ‘raw’ honey)
* Produced organically (no treatments are used on the bees and the honey is produced
0 in isolated forest or woodland apiaries)
* Produced from family hives - we do not source honey from any third parties.
* B-QUAL / HACCP approved
Please see below for the flavour profiles of each honey variety and available sizes.

Our honey is available for online purchase, for details please visit PURCHASE PRODUCTS.
Our honey is highly regarded and is used by some of the finest restaurants and hotels in Australia.
See our Awards page for details.
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Yellow Box Eucalyptus melliodora
  Malfroy's Gold Organic Yellow Box Honey 500g
Our apiaries are situated in the Central Tablelands of NSW at altitudes of 700 to 1000m above sea level.
The climate of the area is prone to extreme fluctuations of temperature, highly variable rainfall,
scorching hot, dry summers and long, icy, windy winters.

This majestic Eucalypt yields her sweet, light, aromatic nectar every two to four years over the hot, dry summer months. When the trees are in the height of bloom, the tablelands are alive with their floral, aromatic perfume.

In pure form, this is a delicate liquid honey with a hay yellow colour, full body, characteristic sweet floral
flavour and lingering clean high notes. Yellow Box also has the lowest GI rating of any Australian honey (35).

For more information about the majestic woodlands and landscapes of the Central Tablelands,
please visit our About Wild Honey page.

(See available sizes below and our Purchase Products page for product availability)
Green Mallee Eucalyptus viridis
  Malfroy's Gold Organic Green Mallee Honey 500g
Produced by our bees in the semi-arid mallee scrublands of Western NSW, Green Mallee is a sweet
and mellow honey.

Characterised by bright red soils and the short, multi-stemmed mallee trees, this savannah landscape yields
a classic and uniquely Australian honey.

Instead of just a single trunk, Mallee trees are a type of dwarf Eucalypt that have many stems rising from
a large bulbous woody structure called a lignotuber, or mallee root. Impressively adapted to fire,
drought and other trauma (land-clearing), the trees can re-shoot from this root if the stems are destroyed.

Green Mallee flowers every two to four years and the resulting honey has a remarkable density due to
the dry desert climate in which it is produced.

(See available sizes below and our Purchase Products page for product availability)

  Seasonal varieties packed in attractive round glass jars. (See our Purchase Products page for variety availability)

  500g Honey and 1kg Honey  
  Malfroy's Gold Organic Honey Range

Our honey is available in pure, seasonal varieties - please visit PURCHASE PRODUCTS for details.

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