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Malfroy's Gold Soft Set Honey
‘The men of experiment are like the ant;
They only collect and use. But the bee
gathers its materials from the flowers of the
garden and of the field, but transforms and
digests it by a power of its own'

Leonardo Da Vinci
1452 - 1519
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Natural Beekeping Australia - Ethical  Sustainable Apiculture


Malfroy's Gold Soft Set is perfect for honey connoisseurs or anyone with a sweet tooth.

This organically produced honey is sourced from our family's Langstroth hives in the Central Tablelands of NSW.

Soft Set is a traditional style of ‘creamed’ honey where particular single origin honeys are blended together
to create a soft, buttery consistency.

We take great care in selecting the finest honeys to be blended then ‘set’ the bottled honey in a cool room
to ensure it maintains a consistent texture.

This is definitely one of our most popular products, and is also our most acclaimed, winning
Champion Honey of Australia at the Sydney Royal Easter Show and countless other awards.

Our Soft Set honey is a delicious and healthy treat, perfect for everyday eating.

Our Soft Set Honey is available for online purchase - please see PURCHASE PRODUCTS for details

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Soft Set Honey 400g Pure Blend
Malfroy's Gold 400g Soft Set Honey

This award winning honey is easy to spread, spoon into beverages or eat straight from the jar.
Gold Medals were awarded to our Soft Set at the 2009 Mudgee Fine Food Awards and
the 2010 National Honey Show.
The product also took out the coveted Champion Exhibit and inaugural Philip Carter trophy at
the National Honey Show.

Our Soft Set Honey is available in premium blend all year round.

Note: for perfect consistency, please keep this product at 18 - 25 deg C.

Please visit PURCHASE PRODUCTS to purchase.

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