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Malfroy's Gold Virgin Comb Beeswax
'My first aim will be to clean down
Moor House from chamber to cellar;
my next to rub it up with beeswax
...till it glitters again'

Charlotte Bronte
Jane Eyre 1847
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Natural Beekeping Australia - Ethical  Sustainable Apiculture

Our 100% Pure Australian Beeswax is from bee-friendly Warré hives, located in the Blue Mountains wilderness
and woodland forests of the Central Tablelands.

When genuine surplus honey is harvested, we press the combs of honey to produce liquid honey.
The remaining pressed 'cake' contains a mix of wax, honey, bee bread (fermented pollen) and propolis.
This cake is washed in rain water to clean the wax.

The honey water is then used to make a simple mead or hydromel (using ‘wild fermentation’ from naturally
occurring yeasts in the bee bread). The resulting fermented drink is very healthy and slightly alcoholic.

The washed wax is then melted and filtered through simple paper or cloth filters and poured into moulds.

Our beeswax is clean wax suitable for making candles, salve and balms, leather seal, furniture polish,
food wraps and many other things.

As our bees are not exposed to any agricultural or urban areas, and we allow the bees to construct
100% natural combs, the beeswax is guaranteed to be of the highest quality and purity.

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Beeswax Block 1kg
  Malfroy's Gold Beeswax Blocks Our beeswax blocks are the result of a natural process, therefore, the colour of our wax will change
slightly from season to season depending on which flowers the bees have been foraging on.

However, most of our wax has a golden yellow color.

These 1kg blocks of wax contain the pure essence of the sun, the bees and the landscape.

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