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Malfroy's Gold Warré Apiary Central Tablelands
'Wild honey has a scent - of freedom
Dust - a scent of sunshine...
But gold - nothing'

Anna Akhmatova
Wild Honey, 1934
 Translated from the Russian
by Ilya Kaminsky and Katie Farris
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Natural Beekeping Australia - Ethical  Sustainable Apiculture

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What is wild honey?

In short, wild honey must be produced by wild bees, the apiaries should be situated in wild environments,
the bees housed in wild type (natural comb) hives and the colonies should function with minimal human intervention.

The hive itself should be made exclusively from natural, local materials.

The honey is generally provided as wild honeycomb or cold pressed/strained honey in glass jars.

It has been proven scientifically that genuine wild honey has a different flavour, texture and chemical
composition to conventionally produced honey.

Please visit ABOUT WILD HONEY and NATURAL BEEKEEPING for in depth information on how wild honey is produced in our Warré hives in Australia and for further details about this unique style of bee-friendly apiculture.

Our Wild honey is available for online purchase, for details please visit PURCHASE PRODUCTS.

Please see below for the flavour profiles of each wild honey variety and available jar sizes.

Our wild honey is highly regarded and is used by some of the finest restaurants and hotels in Australia.
See our Awards page for details.

See what others thought about our products: MEDIA - AWARDS - TESTIMONIALS

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Malfroy's Gold Grey Ironbark Blossom Malfroy's Gold Blue Mountains Region Malfroy's Gold Wollemi Wilderness Flora Malfroy's Gold Blue Mountains Apiary Malfroy's Gold Pink Tea Tree Flower
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Blue Mountains World Heritage Polyflora
Malfroy's Gold Wild Honey 500g Blue Mountains Polyflora

This honey is produced by our bees in the ancient World Heritage listed Greater Blue Mountains area.

Our apiaries are located in a diverse mix of eco-regions, providing an incredible diversity of nectar and pollen sources for the bees to forage. The resulting honey has a complex, intense and ever-changing flavour profile.

The protected area is over one million hectares in size, rising from sea level to over 1000m in altitude and
is fantastically rich in melliferous wildflowers (more than 1,500 flowering species have been recorded
and 13% of the worlds Eucalypt species occur here naturally).

Importantly, and due to the large foraging radius of each bee colony, the honey is a distillation of the
nectar from woodland, open forest, closed forest (rainforest), heathland, swampland, stream communities
and the hanging swamps that occur on vertical cliff faces.

Due to this incredible diversity, no single jar of honey is the same; each speaks of the utterly unique
landscape of the Blue Mountains.

  For more information about the amazing wildflowers and landscape of the Greater Blue Mountains, please visit our About Wild Honey page.

(See available sizes below and our Purchase Products page for product availability)
Blue Mountains World Heritage Post Brood Polyflora - Produced from post-brood comb
Malfroy's Gold Wild Honey 500g Blue Mountains Post Brood Polyflora

This honey is produced in the same apiaries as the World Heritage Polyflora (see above).
It is a unique honey harvested exclusively from ‘post-brood’ combs.

produced and harvested from post-brood comb have come through the broodnest over time and
contain the essence of the plants' nectar, pollen and ‘kino’ resins.

The dark, pollen-laden combs are crushed and strained gently at the end of the season. The liquid honey
is settled and then bottled immediately into glass jars, where it sets into a smooth creamy texture.

Post brood combs contain the highest amounts of bee bread (fermented pollen) and propolis, resulting in an outstandingly rich and complex flavour.

Honey produced from post-brood combs in Warré hives contains up to 86,000 times the pollen found in
conventionally produced honey and has medicinal benefits similar to a high grade Manuka honey
(Bee-guided Pharmacognosy, David Heaf, 2016).

  Our honey has a rating of TA 10+ (equivalent to UMF 10+ / MGO 100+)

Eating small amounts regularly, straight from the jar should aid general health and wellbeing.

(See available sizes below and our Purchase Products page for product availability)
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  Malfroy's Gold Yellow Box Blossom Malfroys Gold Central West Apiary Winter Malfroys Gold Central West Spring Malfroys Gold Central West Apiary Summer Malfroy's Gold Red Stringybark Blossom
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Yellow Box Eucalyptus melliodora
Malfroy's Gold Wild Honey 500g Yellow Box

Our apiaries are situated in the Central Tablelands of NSW at altitudes of 700 to 1000m above sea level.
The climate of the area is prone to extreme fluctuations of temperature, highly variable rainfall,
scorching hot, dry summers and long, icy, windy winters.

The majestic Yellow Box yields her sweet, light, aromatic nectar every two to four years over the hot, dry summer months. When the trees are in the height of bloom, the tablelands are alive with their floral, aromatic perfume.

In pure form, this is a delicate liquid honey with a hay yellow colour, full body, characteristic sweet floral
flavour and lingering clean high notes. Yellow Box also has the lowest GI rating of any Australian honey (35).

For more information about the majestic woodlands and landscapes of the Central Tablelands,
please visit our About Wild Honey page.

(See available sizes below and our Purchase Products page for product availability)

Red Stringybark Eucalyptus macrorhynncha
Malfroy's Gold Honey 500g Red Stringybark

Only once every four to eight years will this tree flower, enlivening our bees to collect her rich,
amber nectar during late summer and occasionally into early autumn.

Growing on elevated hills of the Central Tablelands at altitudes of 800 to 1100m (in an extreme climate with
highly variable rainfall), the honey produced from Red Stringybark woodlands is one of the finest in Australia.

A true rarity, this honey has a deep bright amber colour and a rich, spicy, toffee-like flavour with smoky, earthy undertones. Pure Red Stringybark honey is exceptionally high in mineral content and has the second lowest GI rating of any Australian honey (44).

For more information about the majestic woodlands and landscapes of the Central Tablelands,
please visit our About Wild Honey page.

(See available sizes below and our Purchase Products page for product availability)

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  Seasonal varieties packed in attractive round glass jars. (See our Purchase Products page for variety availability)

  500g Wild Honey 1kg Wild Honey
  Malfroy's Gold 500g Australian Wild Honey Malfroy's Gold 1kg Australian Wild Honey

Our ethical, sustainable and medicinal Wild Honey is:

~ Produced in vast wilderness and woodland areas

~ Produced in small, permanent apiaries

0 On average we have 15 hives in each apiary and because our apiaries are located permanently on site we can guarantee where the honey
0 comes from and avoid stress on the bees and the environment (the average commercial apiary is 120 hives and bees are moved between
0 sites regularly).

~ Produced in our own bee-friendly Warré hives
0 We control the process from hive to jar and do not source honey from third parties.

~ Produced in hives made from local salvaged timber
0 Most other beekeepers currently use hives manufactured from imported plantation timber or are moving toward plastic or polystyrene hives.

~ Produced by wild bees
0 Our hives are populated by natural swarms and we do not practice intensive breeding or re-queening.

~ Produced from 100% natural comb
0 We are the only beekeepers offering honey this pure in Australia - all other commercial producers reuse combs made of
0 beeswax or plastic to increase yield.

~ Produced with no artificial inputs
0 We have never fed our bees sugar syrup, pollen supplements, antibiotics or treated the bees, combs or hiveware with chemicals.

~ Unheated, unfiltered and bottled in locally manufactured glass jars

~ Produced to Natural Beekeeping Principles
0 Read more about the principles

~ Produced to, and exceeding, International Demeter Standards for Apiculture
We are the only professional biodynamic beekeepers in Australia. Unfortunately, despite our efforts over many years it is impossible for us
0 to be ‘certified’ within Australia as there are no certifying authorities for biodynamic apiculture here.

Unfortunately, since we pioneered using the term 'Wild Honey' to promote our special and rare product, many other beekeepers have also taken
to using it to brand their bee products - despite the fact that they are providing conventionally produced industrial honey. Caveat Emptor!

For more information about our Wild Honey from Warré hives, please visit About Wild Honey

Our honey is available in pure, seasonal varieties - please visit PURCHASE PRODUCTS for details.

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